How Kids Are Using Creativity to Cope During Lockdown

It's more important than ever to give kids a voice and understand what impact the Coronavirus is having on them and their lives.

We can’t underestimate how scary and unsettling it is for kids whose lives and behaviours had to change overnight. To find out how they’re doing, we asked kids aged 5-12 to show us and send us videos for our new content series Staying Up! Here’s what we learnt:

  1. Device use: Kids are spending more time on their devices and they’re using apps like Houseparty and Zoom, which weren’t designed for them. It shows how much phones and social platforms are shaping their relationships with family and friends.

  2. More family time: Kids are enjoying it but it comes with it’s own challenges for parents and it can create an intense environment with kids and siblings.

  3. Creativity as a coping mechanism: Regardless of resources and space, from kids in small flats in inner cities with no outdoors, to kids in the countryside with large gardens – kids are finding ingenious ways to use creativity to cope.

  4. Kids care about their community: They are hyper-aware of the incredible work key-workers are doing and they’re their new heroes. Kids are loving showing their support and kindness from joining in with the weekly clap to putting displays in their windows.

  5. Schoolwork has taken a backseat: There’s a lot going on and not all parents are able to support their kids’ education. Parents need supporting from brands and content through online resources.

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