Introducing KidsKnowBest’s Ethics Board

Our Ethics Board and speaking directly to kids is invaluable when it comes to promoting higher ethical company standards.

At KidsKnowBest, we talk to kids daily. They never fail to inspire us with their uncut honesty, originality, and adaptability; be it during a pandemic or following the next TikTok dancing trend. We are always working to build on this and ensure we have an ear to the ground on the issues, media, and brands that kids are engaging with.

The KidsKnowBest Ethics Board

We set up an Ethics Board, which plays a vital role in upholding our agency’s commitment to governance and transparency. The committee helps us to develop and enforce company-wide ethical principles.

Our Ethics Board is a demographically representative group of parents, teachers and kids from around the UK. Across everything we do in KidsKnowBest; whether it’s making creative decisions for our client campaigns, defining our tone of voice or developing our digital products, we ask for their feedback and input. 

Most importantly, they are our gatekeepers to ensure kids’ voices and well-being are at the heart of our work. 

Each month, we bring timely topics from across the business and discuss them through surveys and focus groups. Each quarter, we issue a company-wide report.

So far, we’ve already seen that kids are more aware of global issues than ever before. Recently they’ve spoken to us about wanting to see more diversity in advertisements. 

“Brands need to include more black people in their advertisement.”
Boy, 11

And they are eager to take action towards a more sustainable future. When picking out a new toy, kids are already cautious about the plastic involved.  

“Because when less plastic is used, it causes less plastic waste and less gases to damage our ozone layer.”
Girl, 7

Parents, meanwhile, have said that they want brands to involve them in keeping their kids safe online:

“I can tell you he’s been on his phone for 5 hours this week. I don’t need to be told that, I need to be told when something not-quite-right is going on, and there’s something I need to check out.”
Mum, boy 8

Arguably the most notable outcome from the last set of focus groups was around the question of how brands can keep kids safer online. Understandably, 50% of parents said that they increased their parental controls since the start of lockdown. Kids are online more than ever before, and parents and teachers are not hesitant about implementing additional safety measures.

“Apps should make safety and parental controls a required part of account set up. It would help greatly.”
Secondary school teacher

Our Ethics Board and speaking directly to kids is invaluable when it comes to promoting higher ethical company standards. As we continue to hold monthly focus groups, we will be reporting back on the latest findings here on the KidsKnowBest blog.

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