Introducing Youth Trend Spotting (YTS)

At KidsKnowBest, we put kids’ voices at the heart of everything we do. Now, thanks to our Youth Trend Spotting (YTS), their voices are louder than ever.  Find out more about how YTS is instrumental to our business.

Youth Trend Spotting is an intelligence arm of KidsKnowBest aiming to bring the playground-talk to our team and beyond. Giving kids a voice has always been KidsKnowBest’s mission, and YTS is invaluable in helping us understand what matters to them. 

How it works

We regularly speak to kids aged 4-16 who bring us the richest insights on every call. We find out what’s going on in their lives and what the talk of the playground is; from asking them about their favourite TV shows and TikTok influencers to what they get up to on Christmas and Halloween. YTS keeps us and, in turn, our partners up to date with the latest trends among kids. 

What we’ve learnt recently…

Unsurprisingly, our recent calls have reinforced how TikTok and YouTube as the most popular social media platforms among kids. 

“I like TikTok because there is always something new” Amelie, 15


What stood out to me is that over 55% of kids use YouTube to listen to music. They enjoy using a platform they know how to use well and they’ve been on regularly from an age before they were discovering music. The creation of playlists, and suggested music, allows them to listen for a longer period of time without constantly using the search function.

When we asked about lockdown hobbies, we learned that adults weren’t the only ones who took to the kitchen and baked banana bread; 29.8% of kids said baking and cooking became new hobbies of theirs.

“I’ve been cooking myself. I’ve learnt to cook chicken, scrambled eggs, omelette, pancakes.” Ava, 10


YTS is invaluable to the research we do here at KidsKnowBest. With an ear to the ground on the issues, media, and brands that are engaging kids, we can create the most relevant and successful content as possible. As we continue to chat with kids, we will be reporting back on the latest trends here on the KidsKnowsBest blog.