KidsKnow: Roblox

During our YTS calls, kids are quick to rave about the latest game they’re playing. Here’s what kids have taught us about Roblox so far:

Roblox is the game kids can’t stop talking about during our Youth Trend Spotting calls. Talking to them, we know they love the freedom of being able to create and play games made by other users thanks to the platform’s suite of tools. Its endless list of possibilities has meant 35% of kids we surveyed picked Roblox as their number one choice, over Minecraft,  Animal Crossing, and Fortnite. But, what is it about the gaming platform that kids love so much?

Kids revel in the game’s accessibility and the seemingly endless list of things to do. You can play it virtually anywhere, from an Xbox to a phone, laptop, or PC. Robux, the in-game currency, are also affordable and don’t affect gameplay, unlike other in-game currencies such as Fortnite’s V-Bucks.

‘My mom says if I do chores or help out in the house, I can earn Robux because I still really wanna buy stuff with my Robux, I only have two Robux left.’

During our YTS calls, kids are quick to rave about the latest game they’re playing, what they’ve been building, and what they’ve recently purchased. Here’s what kids have taught us about Roblox so far:

The New Playground

We asked over 7,200 kids why they liked Roblox, and an impressive 53% said playing with their friends is the best part. In effect, Roblox became their virtual playground during the pandemic as kids headed to the game to play and catch up with friends.

‘All of my friends play Roblox.’
Girl, 10

This falls into line with our recent FriendsKnowBest research study. When interviewing over 10,000 6-16-year-olds worldwide, we found that kids are using games as social platforms, a place where they can chat with friends while playing together. The study highlighted the huge part gaming plays in kids’ social lives as the new playground, so much so that when playing video games, 1 in 3 are playing with their friends online.

While 10-15 years ago, kids chatted with friends on Myspace and Facebook, today’s kids hang out in video games such as Roblox.

In addition, 1 in 4 kids have a best friend online that they have never met in person, and Roblox’s online global community makes this possible:

‘I like how you get to play with people around the world, the games they make are cool and you can play them with your friends.’
Girl, 12

Roblox has played an essential role in helping millions of kids stay connected during the pandemic while they explore the platform’s ever-growing catalogue of games. 

Something for Everyone

With over 250,000 developers creating individual games, there’s a game for every interest. Many liken Roblox to a ‘digital theme park’, one which is open to everyone everywhere with a host of infinite attractions. Its myriad of entertainment experiences makes it more than just a game for kids.

‘I prefer Roblox because there are a lot of different games you can play and genres’
Girl, 11

Kids have the freedom to create and shape their own entertainment. For instance, fans of the game are making their own worlds so that they can enjoy the brands they love. Kids attend virtual events and engage with their favourite fashion brands and movies. In turn, Roblox is attracting brands who are realising the power of the expanding gaming platform and want to capitalise on their IP and take ownership. 

When we asked kids which game they think is the best in Roblox, Adopt Me!, where you can adopt, raise, and collect various virtual pets, came out on top with 44% of votes. The latest update peaked at a record 1.92 million concurrent users.

‘I got 5400 Robux and I bought a Panda in Adopt Me and her name is Polly.’

Adopt Me! appeals to kids’ desires to accumulate and show off their collections, just as kids in the past have done with trading cards or stickers. But this is just one example; there is no typical Roblox game. The platform offers everything from puzzles to first-person shooters. 

‘They’ve got loads of games and loads of different characters and you just play around.’
Boy, 8

Roblox continues to be on an upward spiral. Having now announced partnerships with the likes of Hasbro and LOL, time will tell whether it maintains its popularity among kids and whether they continue to effuse over the game in our future calls.