At KidsKnowBest we believe that kids know best. That was until we asked them… It turns out their best friend knows them better.

In an effort to give kids a voice in the industry that represents them, we interviewed over 10,000 6-16 year olds worldwide on what makes their best friend unique.

Every generation has their cause; from the 60s flower power to the 80s punk.  And in the 2020s we have a generation that is no different. They want change and thanks to through digital, they have the tools at their fingertips to get the information and amplify their voices.

We have a generation of best friends who are saying “Why Not?” as they form their opinion and make a change on the things that matter to them.

FriendsKnowBest is a candid look into the world of young people across the globe in their own words. It identifies what defines them; the choices they make and the media they love.

We’ll be releasing the full report in March 2021, if you want to get your hands on it, get in touch at