Marketing Effectiveness in the Kids Industry

How can kids' brands better measure the effectiveness of their marketing spend? Here are 5 key ways to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing activity and track marketing success.

A common question I’m asked by clients is how investment in marketing will pay off and increase net sales. It’s an understandable consideration, and one we work with clients to clearly demonstrate the value in marketing spend. No matter which industry you’re in, it’s important to be able to identify and track marketing effectiveness.

Here I’ve outlined the 5 key ways to maximise the effectiveness of marketing activity and track marketing success. 

Consider Marketing as An Investment

From a company bio, product design, or partnership with an influencer, everything that communicates with your consumer is a marketing decision that impacts a brand’s future. 

Businesses need to be laser focussed on who their consumers are in order to drive acquisition and ultimately sales. Creating products or services that stay with them through memorable delivery or outstanding creative, will ensure you build long-term affinity with them. So keep in mind the marketing budget you spend now is building the long-term future of your brand. 

Listen to the Data

Let the data do the talking. Our most successful projects are ones where we can apply a subtle blend of both instinct and data that informs our intuition whilst validating our assumptions. It’s more about fostering a culture that inspires less of the ‘we think’ and more of ‘the data tells us’.

We’re in a world of constant innovation and exploration. When it comes to working in the kids’ space, it’s even more important to listen to your consumers, otherwise brands run the risk of falling out of favour – or worse yet, not reaching their consumers at all. Listening is not only critical to learning but the thoughts and opinions of kids – and equally their parents – enables us to responsibly navigate our partners through an ever-changing and fragmented digital landscape in both an entertaining and educational capacity.

Create Conversations

For me, I think the greatest marketing success is when work inspires conversation and impact outside of the marketing sphere. When people, and especially your consumers, start talking about your company or its associated marketing activities, it will generate interest in what you do, encourage people to visit your website and make the job of converting visitors into customers a whole lot easier.

Balancing Online and Bricks and Mortar

As the retail landscape shifts away from traditional bricks and mortar, it’s exciting to be working with brands who are exploring e-commerce options: typically toy companies. By marketing effectively to key consumer purchasers through channels like Facebook and Google Ads, we can support brands by compliantly tracking the user journey from impression to conversion. 

Marketing effectively online will enhance user experiences on digital platforms, in turn boosting engagement and encouraging longer shopping times.

Ultimately, keeping constant tabs on how kids view the world around us in an ever-changing and challenging environment is imperative. The recent uncontrolled growth of digital engagement proves to be both a prosperous yet apprehensive challenge for brands operating in the kid’s media industry. However, one thing is certain; businesses should never lose sight of the importance of listening to their core audience: the kids.

Embrace the new 

Finally, the best way to ensure your marketing is as effective as it can be is to be bold and embrace the new, especially when it comes to youth and family audiences. Reach your audience where they already are; try out new platforms and get creative with what can be done there. When it comes to kids, their lives are saturated with content so you need to stand out from the crowd with bold and creative messaging. Whatever the results are from trying new approaches, you’ll learn a lot on the way.

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